Keiona Cook

Owner/Head Fashion Designer



Fashion Designer * Stylist * High End Couture Garments* Minneapolis, MN * Twin Cities * Custom

Accessories * Youth Development * Private Adult Sewing Classes * Youth Painting Parties *Adult Painting Parties





To make your Dream a reality, while creating timeless garments that will last through time and exceed the times trends.


Philosophy: "It's Simple Every Garment Deserves EVERY EYE."


A dreamer of Fashion is born. A young girl age six, sits at the kitchen table many nights and sketches out women in beautiful garments.This dreamer of Fashion later in life obtains her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art & Design in May of 2003.

     In Mid August of 2004 the dreamer, Keiona L. Cook (Day) invisions Qe'Bella Couture, in Minneapolis, MN.

Qe'Bella broken down means: (Qe) Beginning (Bella) beautiful.

Keiona makes dreams come true by bringing client sketches from paper to life.

     QeBella specializes in Women and little girl's custom garments. Qe'Bella Couture designs garments to capture the unique characteristics of each individuals lifestyle. Emphasizing on the eminence materials used to produce garments that are high in quality.

    Qe'Bella appeals to different impulses by diversifying lines and accommodating the Ready-to-wear street savvy to high-end couture. Everything from a simple pair of jeans to extravagant wedding dresses with hand embroidery and embellishments.

    Business started booming shortly after Keiona meet Sylvia Payne Loveless, who has designed for Prince and a few other famous singers that have come to or still reside in Minnesota. Keiona has been featured in several publications throughout the Twin Cities. With clientele steady building, the young talented Designer continues to hire several spring season interns as well as staffed employees to assist with upcoming events and shows.


"Your thought is just a sketch away from becoming to reality."

© 2009 by Keiona Cook 


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